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$$$ Save up to 40% on your Energy Bill $$$

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Did you know... you could reduce your electric bill at no out of pocket cost?

We’re PowerSavers and we’re serious about saving.

Savings that mean reducing your carbon footprint. Savings that mean lowering your energy usage. Savings that also mean putting money back into your pocket.

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recent Reuters news report stated that the United States is quickly losing its status as the world's leader in energy innovation.


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Energy Savings Video

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How does it work?
Do you know how much Energy your family uses?

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Solar Attic Fan

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How hot is your attic?
On the average day your attic is 120 degrees.

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Excitement Opening your Electric Bill

PowerSavers installed a Power Factor box in 2011. The first month I saved over $400 compared to the year before and I'm consistently saving 25% a month. I'm very pleased and would recommend them to anyone to save money on their electric bill.

Dan H. Thompson D.D.S.P.C

I am so pleased with the tubular skylights installed by PowerSavers! The bid was competitive and the job was completed in a timely fashion with no mess. The skylights have completely transformed what used a be a dark and dreary bathroom!


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One of the ways you can find if your home has air leakage....

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You can lower your energy bill - starting now - call today and start saving!

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CBS News Report: PowerSavers Reduces Electric Bills

Powersavers is an innovative company that gets serious about going green. We realize that people are looking for reasonable, economical environmental alternatives to numerous household necessities, and we’ve researched extensively to bring the finest and most reliable products on the market today

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Client Testimonials

We were excited to work with the home owner to install a sky light. It really opened up the kitchen.

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Going Green at Home : Pro & Cons of Solar Attic Fans

Lots of people upgrade their computers. Have you given serious thought to upgrading your roof?

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Powersaver Extras

Solar panel

A radiant barrier can be an energy boom to your home....

Our radiant barriers can play a huge factor...

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Think that solar energy might be a good alternative?

Then look to California's AISO.net corporation and and Missouri's...

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What about your company?.

realistic and intelligent ways to obtain the right kind of power source.

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We are Powersavers and We are serious about savings.

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